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Vendor Neutral Consulting

We don’t actually sell, rather - we help solve your problems.  What are your unique challenges?  Where are the inefficiencies?  What are the choke points?  Where can you leverage analytics, data and technology to automate your processes and drive efficiency?  Do you need help with a ATS integration?  Are you considering a ‘CRM’?  Will Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning job matching technology matching actually work in your organization?  If so, which AI/ML tools work the best?  What are the top sourcing tools?  When was the last time you evaluated your TA technology stack?  Need help negotiating a contract renewal to ensure the best terms, pricing ROI?  Answering these questions is our forte. 


What’s our why?  What drives us is a relentless commitment to helping our clients hire the best possible people in an increasingly competitive talent marketplace with a finite amount of top talent.  How?  By leveraging our peerless domain expertise and prescribing the most effective TA technology solutions.  From sourcing to onboarding, there exist so many tools and platforms in the rapidly expanding, constantly evolving world of TA technology.  We make it a point of staying informed on the top tools and platforms so we can prescribe the best solution for each of our client’s unique hiring strategies and goals.  In essence, we don’t sell, rather, we solve our clients' challenges by recommending the best technology solutions. 


Don’t take our word for it.  Here is what our clients are saying about us:

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