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Client & Colleague Comments


Juliet Peniston

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When I first heard about HireKey I was skeptical.  Now I have no doubt that they are an essential part

of the team.


Chris Galy

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Anyone who has worked with HireKey knows the value, and I know they are very selective with whom they work. Two sentences simply won't cover what they bring to the table.

If you have any questions,

call me!  


Steve Cadigan

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Choosing the right HR tools and systems today has never been more critical or more confusing. Having a partner who can really vet, test and give you honest comparative data and feedback is a huge competitive advantage. The HireKey team is that partner AND they can negotiate the best rates on

your behalf.


Gail Jacobs

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I just can't express enough how important HireKey is to the planning and execution of our TA strategy.  Simply put, if you are lucky enough to get a chance to work with HireKey, thank your lucky stars and jump

on board.  

Aaron Pullman.jpg

Aaron Pullman

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Love working with HireKey. Easy to work with and a massive value-add for

our team.

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AJ Thomas

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The authentic desire of HireKey to assist diversity initiatives is impressive and inspiring.  You can feel the passion and see the execution to move the needle for under-represented groups.


Brett Coin

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The HireKey partnership instills confidence that

we are making the right technology investments needed to run

our business.


Nick Mailey

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The HireKey is an essential partner that provides strategic consulting on marketing and technology investments.  We are grateful for their partnership as they

ensure ongoing value in those investments, while

looking ahead for our

future needs.


Grant Weinberg

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I am regularly impressed with the depth of knowledge HireKey has in the TA Tech space.  They do all the research I simply do not have the time for.

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Anu Parasuram

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HireKey is a true partner – I get nothing but complete honest insight and advice every single time.


Amelia Merrill

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HireKey is a major part of the team.  Their expertise helps us (affordably) keep an edge, always challenging us to

get better. 


Kevin Francis

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The network within the family of HireKey clients is unrivaled.  A collaborative group of extremely talented professionals all advancing Talent Acquisition.  The team at HireKey does a great job facilitating conversations and challenging us all to get better.

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